Brown Sesame Seed

Kharif sesame is grown both as pure and mixed crop. In north India Sesame is generally grown mixed with arhar, jowar, bajra, groundnut, cotton and maize crops. A crop of linseed, gram, barley, lentil, etc. follows a pure crop of sesame in rabi season.

Sesamum (Sesamum indicum L.), also known as sesame, til and gingelly, is an important and ancient oil-yielding crop. its grains may be eaten fried, mixed with sugar or in the form of sweetmeats. Sesame oil is used as a cooking-oil in southern India. It is also used for anointing the body, for manufacturing perfumed oils and for medicinal purposes.

We offer Pure Machine Cleaned Brown Sesame seed round the year.

Brown Sesame Seed

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