Organic Soyabean Seed

The soybean (US) or soya bean (UK) is a species of legume native to East Asia, widely grown for its edible bean which has numerous uses.

Its sowing season is June-July and is harvested during October-November.

Organic Soybeans are a globally important crop, providing oil and protein. It also contains a good amount of minerals, salts and vitamins.

Soybean being the richest, cheapest and easiest source of best quality proteins and fats and having a vast multiplicity of uses as food and industrial products is sometimes called a wonder crop.

Approximately 85% of the world's soybean crop is processed into soybean meal and vegetable oil.

We offer Manual Cleaned and Machine Cleaned Organic Soybean Seeds throughout the year.


  • A large number of Indian and western dishes such as bread, `chapati’, milk, sweets, pastries etc., can be prepared with soybean.
  • Soy protein products are good substitutes for animal products because, unlike some other beans, soy offers a 'complete' protein profile.

Organic Soyabean Seed Suppliers in India


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