Tamarind Kernel Powder

Tamarind Kernel Powder is a complex mixture containing a galactoxyloglucan polysaccharide (55-65%), Proteins (18-20%), Lipids(6-10%) and certain minor constituents e.g. Fibres, Sugar etc.

Tamarind Kernel Powder forms uniform solution on heating with water while stirring. maximum viscosity is usually obtained after boiling the dispersion for 20-30 min.

Thick viscous dispersion are formed that yield strong, transparent, elastic films on evaporation. Tamarind polysaccharide, because of its unique properties i.e. low viscosity and low molecular weight compared to many other polysaccharide & its property of forming gel at high sugar concentrations have found numerous new applications.

The crop of Tamarind arrives by end of February & seed starts coming in the market by last week of March & it continues till end of May.

The manufacturing process of TKP involves several stages, starting from proper grading of raw Tamarind seeds to finally achieving bright creamy white Tamarind Kernel Powder.

The Tamarind seed Husk or the brown outer shell of seed obtained after decortication of roasted seed is also very useful product. This Tamarind seed Husk constitutes to 35% of Total seed weight & the other 65% is white kernel used for manufacturing TKP. These kernels are also used as ingredient in camel feed.

Applications of TKP

  • It has excellent penetration & fiber forming property. It is very effectively used for sizing in dyeing & printing industry.
  • It is also used for sizing in jute yarn & cotton wraps.
  • It has extensive use in paper & explosive industry, where it is used as viscosity builder.
  • It is very effectively used these days by oil drilling companies as soil stabilizer.
  • It is widely used as textile thickener.
  • It has numerous other applications & its low cost gives it an edge over other thickening agents.
Tamarind Kernel Powder

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