Sesbania Seeds

Sesbania i.e. swamp seeds. Sesbania is a legume also known as a “Swamp Pea” . In India seeds are sown in June-July . The crop is fast growing and needs little weeding. Usually, no fertilizers are applied. The crop comes in the month of November-December.In India pods are usually hand picked and threshed by beating sticks.

Sesbania is a vigorous, very tall annual legume that thrives in warm weather locations. The stalks of this plant reach a height of 8 to 12 feet. Sesbania is valuable as a green manure crop because of its tremendous growth.

The Raw Sesbania Seed has number of foreign particles like, dust, shell pieces, weightless seeds, stones and damaged seeds. This raw seed is than sent to Cleaning plant & it is freed from all these impurities.

We offer Pure Machine Cleaned Sesbania Seed round the year.

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