Yellow Millet

Yellow Millet is one of the most nutritious and easily digested of all grains; and it is high in starch, making it a good high-energy food. Millet is very rich in amino acids.It is used both as food for human and feed for animals. It is also used to make bread, soup, biscuits, flour, porridge, cakes, alcoholic beverages etc.
Millet is commonly used in various remote parts of India as a staple food. Millets are used in brewing millet beer in some cultures. It is used in various parts of the world as a based ingredient for distilled liquor. Millets are also eaten in the form of porridge or savoury with meat and vegetable stew.It can be grown in extreme hot & dry places, were other crops are difficult to grow.

Yellow Millet is also known as “Foxtail Millet” or “Pancium Millet” in India.

We are recognized as one of the prominent yellow millet suppliers from India.

We offer Millet in two Grades :

  • Machine cleaned – Purity-99.5%.
  • Manual Cleaned – Purity- 98.0%.

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