100% Broken Sortex Rice

The sunhemp crop is native to India. The crop is known in India by various names like ‘Sonai’ or ‘San’ (Hindi), ‘Sanpat’ (Bengali), ‘Tag’ (Marathi), ‘Vakku’ (Malayalam) ‘Sanpat’ (Oriya), ‘Janumu’ (Telegu), ‘Saab’ (Kannada). It is cultivated mostly as a ‘kharif’ crop and is sown with the commencement of South-West monsoon. Sunhemp is grown in India either as a fibre crop, green manure or fodder crop. The crop is grown also for legume.

Sunhemp is the fastest growing species of the genus and is very effective in smothering out weeds. Almost any well drained soil is suitable for ‘kharif’ crop. Sunhemp grown during rainy season is mainly utilized as a green manure crop. Sunhemp are used to increase the biomass & nitrogen content of the soil.

We offer Pure Machine Cleaned Sunhemp Seed round the year.

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