White Sorghum

White Sorghum has been grown since ancient times in the regions of Asia and Africa. It is small in size with round berry and differ in colors from red to yellow to white.

Sorghum is rich in protein and carbohydrates.

Sorghum is mostly drought & heat resistant. Extremely hot & dry temperatures are suitable for these grains where another crops are hard to grow.

It reacts well to rainfall mainly at the time of head forming and grain fill stages.


  • It is used both in human and bird feed consumption.
  • Sorghum is widely used in preparation of alcohol.
  • It is also used to make bread, soup, scones, flour, porridge, cakes, mixed drinks etc.

Sorghum is well known & recognized as “Jowar” in India. Simosis International is one of the leading White Sorghum suppliers from India.

We offer White Sorghum in two Grades:-

  • Machine cleaned – Purity-99.5%.
  • Manual Cleaned – Purity- 98.0%.

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