Safflower Seeds

The safflower crop is usually grown as a Rabi crop.

Its sowing season is during October-November and is harvested during March-April.
The safflower is an important oil-seed crop. It has long and stout taper root and spirally arranged, dark green and glossy leaves. Safflower seeds are bitter in taste and look more or less like the seeds of orange.

The Raw Safflower Seed has number of foreign particles like, dust, shell pieces, weightless seeds, stones and damaged seeds. This raw seed is than sent to Cleaning plant & it is freed from all these impurities.


  • Quality edible oil containing polyunsaturated fats.
  • Used as ingredient in animal feed.

Simosis International is one of the leading safflower seed suppliers from India.

We offer Pure Machine Cleaned Safflower seed round the year.

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